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    Comprehension Activities

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    Comprehension Activities

    The FreeReading Comprehension activities are organized into three categories: Introduce, Reintroduce and Build Mastery. The following is a description of the types of activities you will find within each category:

    • Introduce - students are introduced to comprehension skills through a read aloud.
    • Reintroduce - students will complete a graphic organizer to practice the application of a comprehension skill.
    • Build Mastery - students will expand their knowledge of a comprehension skill by engaging in a variety of activities.

    The activities below address important comprehension skills and strategies. Click on any of the blue links below to begin a comprehension lesson.

    Comprehension Activities
    Introduce Reintroduce Build Mastery
    Comparison and Contrast T Chart Venn Diagram
    Identifying Details Identifying Details Graphic Organizer Identifying Details
    Main Idea Main Idea Graphic Organizer 5 W's
    Making Inferences Character Web Making Inferences Graphic Organizer
    Purpose for Reading K-W-L Chart Purpose for Reading
    Visualization Visualization Map Text/Image Chart
    Prediction Prediction Table Prediction Chart
    Cause and Effect Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer C-E Organizer
    Story Elements Story Map Plot = Problem and Solution
    Fact and Opinion Fact and Opinion Chart Fact and Opinion
    Sequencing Story Board Summary Chart - Fiction
    Comprehension Monitoring
    Comprehension Monitoring Using About Trees
    Summarizing Informational Texts
    Summarizing Informational Text Using About Trees
    Summarizing Narrative Text
    Summarizing Narrative Text with the fable The Tortoise and the Eagle