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    FreeReading Advisory Board

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    The Advisory Board played a critical role in supporting the research and development agenda of FreeReading.

    Former FreeReading Advisory Board members have included:

    Catherine Snow
    Henry Lee Shattuck Professor of Education
    Harvard Graduate School of Education
    Michael Kamil
    Consulting Professor of Education; Psychological Studies in Education; Learning, Design, and Technology
    Stanford University School of Education
    Barbara Taylor
    Guy Bond Chair in Reading
    University of Minnesota
    Director of the Minnesota Center for Reading Research
    Barbara Kapinus
    Senior Policy Analyst
    National Education Association
    Fred Carrigg
    Director of Humanities K-12, Middletown Public Schools
    Former Special Assistant to the Commissioner for Literacy, NJDOE (2002-2007)

    Institutional affiliations listed are at the time of the member's involvement with the Advisory Board.